Commercial Photography in Sandstone, Minnesota

Carhartt Visits Sandstone MN

Commercial Photography in Sandstone, Minnesota

In early March 2023 Carhartt Work Wear traveled to Sandstone, Minnesota to do the photography for next year’s winter catalog. Local climbing and whitewater guide service, Hard Water Sports worked with the Carhartt photo team to plan and execute a photography shoot on the ice walls of Robinson Park.

Adventure Photography in Sandstone, Minnesota

Local climbing guide, Tony Vavricka was hired to rig safety lines for the Carhartt team and the ice climbing models. With Tony’s 30 years of climbing experience and 10 years working commercial photography in Minneapolis, Carhartt was confident that they had contacted the right person.

Carhartt action models in action.

Carhartt travles to Sandstone, Minnesota

The photo shoot took place in Robinson Quarry, a Sandstone city park just on the edge of town. Easy access to the cliff walls played a big part in why the park was chosen for the photo shoot.

Cliff top rigging for lights and crew.

Even before the light crew showed up rigging was in place along the top catwalk above the ice routs.

Cahartt photo shoot after dark.

Commercial Photography in Sandstone, Minnesota.

Need help with location scouting, river access, logistics, action models, rope rigging, or whitewater what ever – contact local guide/outfitter Hard Water Sports 651 302-1774.


Hiking to Wolf Creek Falls

Hiking To Wolf Creek Falls from Robinson Park in Sandstone, MN – It’s an easy 1 mile hike from the parking lot in Robinson Park to the falls.

Hiking Map to Wolf Creek Falls

Parking – hike to Wolf Creek Falls

Robinson Park, located in Sandstone, MN makes a convenient access to Wolf Creek Falls. Follow Main Street to Third Ave. Go East on Third, 5 or so blocks to Old Wagon Rd and the entrance to Robinson Park. The trail to the falls starts here.

Hiking to Wolf Creek Falls

Don’t bother looking for signs, just start walking north. The first half mile follows the old railroad grade. Pass under the BNSF railroad bridge that crosses the Kettle River. Yes, walk under the bridge that goes over the Kettle River.
The rail bridge is the boundary between Robinson Park, a Sandstone city park, to Banning State Park.

The bridge is 120 feet over the Kettle River. Originally built in 1890, the rail bridge continues to operate with 8 to 10 trains passing through daily.

Train Bridge, Robinson Park

After the first half mile the easy going trail turns into a real hike. The railroad grade comes to a sudden stop and you are forced to scramble down a slope of large jumbled rocks.

The second half of the trail continues along side the Kettle River. Prepare yourself for a more vigorous hike following the uneven terrain.

Robinson Park to Wolf Creek Falls

Distance – 1 mile.
Time – 20-25 minutes

The hike from Robinson to the falls is not recommended for small children or anyone not comfortable hiking over rough terrain.

More information on Banning State Park.

More information on What to do in Sandstone MN

Hell's Gate on the Kettle River.

5 Reasons to Visit Sandstone MN

5 Reasons to Visit Sandstone MN This Summer

1. Real Adventure

Sandstone, Minnesota has easy access to adventure.  The Kettle River is right in our backyard, run some whitewater rapids or hike the trails of Banning State Park.  And there’s the climbing in Robinson Park – rock climbing in the Spring Summer and Fall, ice climbing during the winter months.
For rafting and climbing adventures contact local guide company, Hard Water Sports.

2. Truly beautiful scenery

Sandstone Minnesota scenery
Big kettle on the Kettle River

Sandstone, Minnesota is known as the “First City of the North Woods”. You’re not going to be disappointed when you visit Big Spring Falls or the Hell’s Gate on the Kettle River. 
There’s amazing scenery to see along the Kettle River in Banning State Park, from the trails visitors get views of the rapids and the kettles formed by the water.

3. Exercise

 Sandstone is a great place to get your exercise.  Trail running, climbing, and paddling right here in Sandstone, Minnesota.  Hit the trails of Banning State Park, or hike the Quarry Spur from Robinson Park to Big Spring Falls.
Rent a SUP board and paddle up to Hell’s Gate and Wolf Creek Falls.

4. Quietness 

Big Spring Falls on the Kettle River
Big Spring Falls on the Kettle River

If you’re looking to get away from the craziness of the city, if you need a little “peace” time in nature you’ll find it in Sandstone.  If you want to listen to the sound of the rapids and the birds singing, you’ll find it in Sandstone.  You’ll find plenty of quiet spots along the river of river and plenty of trails to help you reconnect.

5. In the Know

The other great reason to be visiting Sandstone, Minnesota is getting talked about.  Find out for yourself why the town is receiving so much attention.  There’s the rafting and the ice climbing park and the waterfalls and the …

Here are a couple of recent news post on Sandstone MN

Yeah, it’s time you find out for yourself why Sandstone is an awesome place for nature lovers and adventure seekers, then you can be in the know.

Sandstone Minnesota – Ice Climbing in the News

Sandstone, Minnesota in the News

Ice climbing in Sandstone Minnesota received some press.   It’s always nice to see your hometown making the news for something good.

That’s So Minnesota: Ice climbing in Sandstone

Ice climbing festival draws enthusiasts from Midwest and beyond

Sandstone Aspiring to Be an Ice Climbing Mecca in Minnesota


The Sandstone Tourism Board is available to assist with the needs of the media.  Story ideas, high res photos, local contacts – we can help.

Sandstone Tourism Board

320 372-0756 . or email


Sandstone Minnesota

Supporting Festivals in Sandstone MN

Do you think your event would be a good fit to the family friendly small town of Sandstone, MN ??
Contacting the Sandstone Visitors Board is a first step in getting your event plans to move forward in Sandstone MN.
One of the core functions of the Sandstone Tourism Development Committee is supporting the current festivals in Sandstone and to encourage additional events in the city.


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