Hell's Gate on the Kettle River.

5 Reasons to Visit Sandstone MN

5 Reasons to Visit Sandstone MN This Summer

1. Real Adventure

Sandstone, Minnesota has easy access to adventure.  The Kettle River is right in our backyard, run some whitewater rapids or hike the trails of Banning State Park.  And there’s the climbing in Robinson Park – rock climbing in the Spring Summer and Fall, ice climbing during the winter months.
For rafting and climbing adventures contact local guide company, Hard Water Sports.

2. Truly beautiful scenery

Sandstone Minnesota scenery
Big kettle on the Kettle River

Sandstone, Minnesota is known as the “First City of the North Woods”. You’re not going to be disappointed when you visit Big Spring Falls or the Hell’s Gate on the Kettle River. 
There’s amazing scenery to see along the Kettle River in Banning State Park, from the trails visitors get views of the rapids and the kettles formed by the water.

3. Exercise

 Sandstone is a great place to get your exercise.  Trail running, climbing, and paddling right here in Sandstone, Minnesota.  Hit the trails of Banning State Park, or hike the Quarry Spur from Robinson Park to Big Spring Falls.
Rent a SUP board and paddle up to Hell’s Gate and Wolf Creek Falls.

4. Quietness 

Big Spring Falls on the Kettle River
Big Spring Falls on the Kettle River

If you’re looking to get away from the craziness of the city, if you need a little “peace” time in nature you’ll find it in Sandstone.  If you want to listen to the sound of the rapids and the birds singing, you’ll find it in Sandstone.  You’ll find plenty of quiet spots along the river of river and plenty of trails to help you reconnect.

5. In the Know

The other great reason to be visiting Sandstone, Minnesota is getting talked about.  Find out for yourself why the town is receiving so much attention.  There’s the rafting and the ice climbing park and the waterfalls and the …

Here are a couple of recent news post on Sandstone MN




Yeah, it’s time you find out for yourself why Sandstone is an awesome place for nature lovers and adventure seekers, then you can be in the know.

Sandstone Minnesota

Supporting Festivals in Sandstone MN

Do you think your event would be a good fit to the family friendly small town of Sandstone, MN ??
Contacting the Sandstone Visitors Board is a first step in getting your event plans to move forward in Sandstone MN.
One of the core functions of the Sandstone Tourism Development Committee is supporting the current festivals in Sandstone and to encourage additional events in the city.

read more at https://sandstoneminnesota.blogspot.com/2018/12/sandstone-mn-festivals.html

Sandstone Minnesota
Minnesota ice climbing

Winter Fun in Sandstone MN

Looking for something fun to do this winter ? We’ve have a couple of option here in Sandstone, Minnesota.  

Minnesota Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing in Sandstone MN

Sandstone, Minnesota is home to Minnesota’s first ice park.  On the old Quarry walls of Robinson Park climbers now have a winter playground.  The park is open to climbing year round and during the winter months north facing walls are flooded.  Ice routs as high as 80 feet to lower angle “beginner” ice slopes give a variety for climbers of all experience levels.

If you’re looking for a real adventure, the local guide company, Hard Water Sports, can take you out for a day of ice climbing.

More information about Sandstone, Minnesota Ice Climbing

Hiking the Trails of Banning State Park

Plenty of options for winter hiking near Sandstone, Minnesota.  Banning State Park is to the North, South, and East of Sandstone. 
It’s an easy 1 mile walk to the truly beautiful Big Spring Falls from Robinson Park.  The trail is a little rougher to Wolf Creek Falls from Robinson Park.
Once in Banning State Park you’ll have several good choices of hiking trails. The park has 17 miles of marked trails.  Hike along the Kettle River to Hell’s Gate for some of the best views.

More information on Banning State Park.

Ice Fishing near Sandstone, MN

A bunch of great fishing lakes are within a few minutes of Sandstone, Minnesota.

Grindstone, Sand, Pine and Big Pine lakes are just a couple of the options for ice fishing adventure lovers.

check out Petry’s Bait to stock up for this adventure.

Skiing and Snowmobiling 

And there’s skiing.  Downhill skiing at Spirit Mountain and Mount du Lac.  Banning State Park has ungroomed trails for cross country skiing and a few miles of snowmobile that connect up to longer trails. 

Find your winter adventure in Sandstone, MN

directions to Big Spring Falls

Getting to Big Spring Falls

Big Spring Falls Directions

directions to Big Spring Falls
map to Big Spring Falls

Here at the Sandstone Visitors Board we are constantly answering calls and emails from travelers hoping to visit Big Spring Falls on the Kettle River.

Getting to Big Spring Falls

From downtown Sandstone, Minnesota follow main street in to town, turn East on 3rd street.
Turn right on Pine Ave. – continue on Pine Ave for 1.5 miles or so.
The road will bend to the right then back to the left down hill to a small parking lot.
A clearly marked trail brings you to the river, continue up the river to the falls.

Getting to Big Spring Falls from Sandstone, Minnesota

To get to Big Spring Falls on the Kettle River you must first get to Sandstone, MN.  We’re easy to find- we’re halfway between Minneapolis and Duluth just off interstate 35.

Big Spring Falls Banning State Park

Big Spring Falls
Big Spring Falls

The Falls are part of Banning State Park but are not in the main park.  Big Spring Falls is located 1 and 1/2 miles south of the town of Sandstone, Minnesota.   From the main park entrance hikers can access trails to Wolf Creek Falls and Hell’s Gate, but to get to Big Spring Falls you’ll want to drive to Sandstone.

Paddling to Big Spring Falls on the Kettle River

Another option is to canoe the 1.5 miles downriver from Robinson Park in Sandstone, MN.  Always check water levels and the recent rainfall before making paddling plans on the Kettle River.
Most of the summer the Kettle River flows through this section a a gentle pace and you can easily paddle back up the river to the boat launch in Robinson Park.

Visit Big Spring Falls – it’s worth it

However you get there – get there.  Many people say “Big Spring Falls on the Kettle River ranks as one of the most beautiful places in Minnesota.”  Judge for yourself, you know how to get there now…

More information on Big Spring Falls

and  Wolf Creek Falls