kettle river head of the rapids

Banning State Park

Banning State Park is located on the Kettle River just north of the city of Sandstone MN. From 1896 to 1912 the city of Banning Minnesota was an active quarry town suppling sandstone blocks to the railroad.

With the closing of the quarry the town was soon abandoned.

Banning State State Park Recreation

Adventure seekers and nature lovers are fortunate that this land was preserved for the park.

banning state park

photo by jim blake

Access to the top of the rapids for whitewater paddlers, and trails along the cliffs above the river for hikers.  During the winter months Banning State Park has snowshoeing trails giving you access to adventure through every season.


hells gate

Hells Gate on the Kettle River


From Sandstone
Easy access to Banning State Park.

  • A hiking trail along the Kettle River connects Robinson Park to Banning.  The trail passes Wolf Creek Falls and takes you to Hell’s Gate.
  • It is also possible to paddle upriver on the Kettle to Banning State Park.  Put in above the dam at Robinson Park and flat water paddling takes the adventurous to Hell’s Gate.
  • And, of course you also have the option of driving into the Park.  Vehicle registration is required.

Banning State Park


Banning State Park at 320-245-2668

For information on rafting the Kettle River through the State Park please contact local Sandstone guides at