Hell’s Gate on the Kettle River

Do you know of the Hell’s Gate on the Kettle River ?  Have you dared to entered the “Room of Doom?”

Hell's Gate on the Kettle River

The Kettle River’s most notorious rapid, the Hell’s Gate rapids has a reputation of being a widow maker.

Hell’s Gate – Banning State Park

Located deep in the heart of Banning State Park, the Hell’s Gate canyon is an adventure just getting there.

How to get to Hell’s Gate

Anyone wanting to the Hell’s Gate on the Kettle River will have to get there by one of three options.  Paddle whitewater, paddle flat water or hike.

The whitewater option is the most fun.  Start the adventure at the top of the rapids in Banning State Park and enjoy the the most beautiful 2 miles of river in Minnesota.
If you’re not comfortable paddling class III+ rapids contact Minnesota Whitewater Rafting company, Hard Water Sports.  With years of paddling the Kettle River, the guides at Hard Water Sports can provide you with a first class tour.

If you want to canoe or kayak on flat water to Hell’s Gate start in Sandstone, Minnesota’s Robinson Park and head up river from the boat launch above the quarry rapids.

There is also the option of hiking to Hell’s Gate.  The most hikers will go down river the the parking lot in Banning State Park.  Following the trails along the west side of the river  hike for close to 2 mile.  The last couple hundred yards the trail climbs up and down the cliffs before you get the view of Hell’s Gate.

Hell's Gate, Banning State Park

Hell’s Gate in the Winter

However you choose to visit Hell’s Gate your experience will never be forgotten.

Hell’s Gate on the Kettle River is a very special place, some would even say it’s sacred.
Hopefully someday you’ll have a chance to visit and see for yourself the beauty of what nature has created.




Hells Gate

Hell’s Gate – Room of Doom

Hells Gate

Hell’s Gate on the Kettle River