Hell's Gate on the Kettle River.

5 Reasons to Visit Sandstone MN

5 Reasons to Visit Sandstone MN This Summer

1. Real Adventure

Sandstone, Minnesota has easy access to adventure.  The Kettle River is right in our backyard, run some whitewater rapids or hike the trails of Banning State Park.  And there’s the climbing in Robinson Park – rock climbing in the Spring Summer and Fall, ice climbing during the winter months.
For rafting and climbing adventures contact local guide company, Hard Water Sports.

2. Truly beautiful scenery

Sandstone Minnesota scenery
Big kettle on the Kettle River

Sandstone, Minnesota is known as the “First City of the North Woods”. You’re not going to be disappointed when you visit Big Spring Falls or the Hell’s Gate on the Kettle River. 
There’s amazing scenery to see along the Kettle River in Banning State Park, from the trails visitors get views of the rapids and the kettles formed by the water.

3. Exercise

 Sandstone is a great place to get your exercise.  Trail running, climbing, and paddling right here in Sandstone, Minnesota.  Hit the trails of Banning State Park, or hike the Quarry Spur from Robinson Park to Big Spring Falls.
Rent a SUP board and paddle up to Hell’s Gate and Wolf Creek Falls.

4. Quietness 

Big Spring Falls on the Kettle River
Big Spring Falls on the Kettle River

If you’re looking to get away from the craziness of the city, if you need a little “peace” time in nature you’ll find it in Sandstone.  If you want to listen to the sound of the rapids and the birds singing, you’ll find it in Sandstone.  You’ll find plenty of quiet spots along the river of river and plenty of trails to help you reconnect.

5. In the Know

The other great reason to be visiting Sandstone, Minnesota is getting talked about.  Find out for yourself why the town is receiving so much attention.  There’s the rafting and the ice climbing park and the waterfalls and the …

Here are a couple of recent news post on Sandstone MN




Yeah, it’s time you find out for yourself why Sandstone is an awesome place for nature lovers and adventure seekers, then you can be in the know.

Hell's Gate on the Kettle River

To Do in Sandstone MN

Sandstone, Minnesota has easy “Access to Adventure”

sandste mn rafting
Fun to do in Sandstone MN

Rafting, Climbing,
and Hiking in Minnesota’s Adventure Headquarters

With 4 seasons of adventure, Sandstone, Minnesota is truly a year-round destination for outdoor athletes and nature enthusiasts.

From the ice climbing on the frozen walls of Robinson Park Quarry to the spring snow melt and the whitewater rafting on the Kettle River.

Plenty adventure options await in Sandstone, MN from cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, horseback riding, biking, rafting or fly-fishing.

Just an Hour or so North of the Minneapolis St. Paul Metro

Visit Sandstone
for Year-round Adventure

There’s Always Something to Do in Sandstone MN…

sandstone mn climbing

Sandstone in the Spring

Canoeist, Kayakers, and Rafters flock to the Kettle River to enjoy the high water of the spring snow melt.
The Kettle River Paddle Festival, an annual whitewater paddler’s event hosted by a local paddlers club, happens every May.   Contact our local whitewater rafting company, Hard Water Sports, for rafting information.

 Sandstone in the Summer

Rock climbing and bouldering along with lazy paddling on the Kettle River.
sandstone mn water fallsPaddle through Banning state or head down river from Robinson Park to Big Spring Falls.
Hike the trails of Banning State Park and discover the swimming holes of the Kettle.

Sandstone in the Fall

With the changing season, cooler weather sets in and the climbing scene picks up. Sport routes and boulder problems aboud in Robinson Park or check out the recently opened climbing of in Banning State Park.
Bring along the trail runnig shoes and you can make a quick dash to Big Spring Falls or take the trail up river to Hell’s Gate to explore the wonders of the Kettle River.

 Sandstone in the Wintersandstone mn ice climbing

Ice climb on the frozen walls of Robinson Quarry Ice Park. When the temp drops low enough ice gets farmed to create an ice climbers playground.
Robinson Park is the home of the Sandstone Ice Festival, celebrating the winter with an annual festival in January.

Other options for winter activities include skiiing and snowshoeing the miles amd miles of trails in Banning State Park.


Sandstone, MN is an easy day trip from Minneapolis – or better yet, grab your camping gear and stay a few nights.


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