Sandstone Ice Park

Sandstone MN Ice Park

Sandstone Ice Park

Sandstone Ice Park
Sandstone Ice Park

Wow !! We have it here in Sandstone Minnesota.  We have a nationally recognized, man-made ice climbing park right in the town of Sandstone.  Know for fat ice and thin mixed routs, the Sandstone Ice Park brings in climbers from across the U.S. and Canada.

Robinson Park in Sandstone Minnesota is where you’ll find the  Sandstone Ice Park – the park is open to climbing year round.  With over 40 bolted sport routs and a cluster of bouldering problems that offer plenty spring summer and fall climbing opportunities.  But it’s in the winter that the park really comes to life with climbers.

Ice Climbing – Robinson Park

ice climbing in Sandstone MN
Ice Climbing in Sandstone MN

Robinson Park is open, free of charge to anyone wanting to climb rock or ice.  The ice routs are between 20 and 80 feet, with enough ice for 20-30 ropes.  Lower angle ice routs have been added over the last couple years giving more access to beginner level climbs.

Ice Farming in Sandstone MN

We’ve been farming ice here in Sandstone since the winter of 04-05.  “The first couple years we rented a pump and made ice using water from a small pond at the base of the cliff” according to local climbing guide Tony Vavricka.  “the tank only held 4 hours of gas, we stayed up most of the night taking turns refilling the tank.”
Currently the farming in the Sandstone Ice Park is managed by the Minnesota Climber’s Association.  Volunteer climbers and support from the City of Sandstone have made a dream come true.

rent ice climbing gear
Rent Ice Climbing Gear

Ice Climbing Gear Rental

The local guide shop in Sandstone Minnesota, Hard Water Sports, has ice climbing gear available to rent, from ice axes to crampons, boots, helmets and climbing harnesses.
Located right in downtown Sandstone making it super convenient to rent ice climbing gear in Sandstone MN.