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Sandstone MN in the news

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In The News

Explore MN – Ice Climbing

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Finding Minnesota: Ice Climbing In Sandstone




Sandstone MN – Access to Adventure

Sandstone, Minnesota had great access to the action sports of:

  • whitewater paddling
  • ice climbing
  • river surfing

and with amazing backdrops like Big Spring Falls, Hell’s Gate,  and the Sandstone Ice Park,
and spectacular events  – it is just about everything a reporter, blogger or photographer could want!

First City of the North Woods

Finding Sandstone MN
Finding Sandstone MN

Sandstone, Minnesota is just an hour north Minneapolis – St. Paul metro.  After you leave the prairie, and the Northern Minnesota Woods cover the land, the first “gotta stop” city is Sandstone, Minnesota.






visit sandstone ice climbing








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